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09 Feb 2016

There’ll be some point in our lives when we sit down together somewhere, look at each other and say crazy things like “Do you remember that time when we went on a camel trekking tour in Morocco and enjoyed camping under the stars in the Sahara Desert”?.

Arriving in Merzouga was just like a celebration for me, as I spent around six hours from our destination before making ways towards the Sahara Desert. However, the journey to Morocco was seemed like a lifetime travel and was a rewarding experience, as the landscape had been just spectacular. Coming to the Sahara desert is quite mesmerizing. We had seen the vegetation slowly disappeared and the sand dunes at the edge of the Sahara started to become alive through the windshield.

I stood in front of a Berber house; which was marked as the end destination of our journey and there were mountains of sands just behind me. After that, we jumped on the camels for trekking into the majestic Sahara desert to a Berber campsite; where we enjoyed playing in the sand and sleeping under the stars. Our Berber guides were loaded small bags and water bottles onto the camels. With having a few minutes to use the toilets, capture some photographs, we began our trek into the Sahara desert.

The camels we used were so adorable, a little different from the camels we rode before. Well, the Sahara camels were very sweet and loved having the best attention from us during your camel trekking expedition. It took us over an hour to pass the sand dunes with our experienced Berber guides, who was leading the string of camels up, over and through the mounds of sand. During this time, it was very hard to move anywhere in the desert. I just kept looking around how the mounds grew bigger and more vibrant. In simple words, I felt like I was on another planet. There was no vegetation throughout the horizon, only the scrub; but no trees or any other sign of life.

After that we reached the Berber camp and the camp was very small accompanying with several tents, a campfire and a makeshift table with stools. Upon our arrival, the experiences of sand boarding and the whole activities were just taking us towards them. Our tour operator of Morocco travel lit the fire and prepared a delicious dinner to enjoy them while seeing the calm, serene starry sky. After all, it was quite fun in sitting around the campfire with the authentic belly dance and music.

After an early morning woke up, I found that camel trekking in Morocco was well worth as it always is. Watching the sun just behind the sand dunes of the Sahara Desert is something that I will never forget. The sparkle of the sun against the stark colors, or the desert giving a magnificent glow that made us feel as if we were on another planet. When I look at those photographs today, I certainly realize that it was my chance to have my own moments with the desert. To enjoy just being here, you look around and see it on your own instead of my eyes. It was just given me a chance to connect with the adventure and reminded me that I have to capture a few more moments like this, when considering a travel in Morocco again.

Want to Go On Your Own For The Sahara Desert Adventure?

The most popular way to experience the Sahara Desert is by picking an expedition of Camel trekking in Morocco  at Your Morocco Tour. I would highly recommend them as the best company for your travel in Morroco; which can not only take you to the desert area, but also show you the real time of your life.

Feel free to share your experiences, thoughts and views on Morocco travel in the comment section below!


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