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25 Apr 2016

Main reason for every traveler and tourist heading to Morocco is only to soak up the sun and have utmost enjoyment in the Sahara Desert. While on a vacation in Morocco, you should also look out for indulging in activities like relaxing scrub at local hammam, skiing, eating kebab and taking a stroll along the blue streets of Chefchaouen. It is found Moroccans are most hospitable, which assures you will meet plenty of friendly folk.

Described below are some tips for making your Morocco tour a most memorable one:


Morocco is known to be shopper’s paradise, where shoppers can find wonderful range of pottery, carpets, killims, leather goods, spices and traditionally designed cloth at the souks of Fes, Marrakech...

12 Apr 2016

Being one of the most exotic destinations in the world, Morocco lies 14 kilometer from south of Spain, which has an extravagant architecture as well as offers markets filled with dazzling tribal crafts works of delicate beauty. Adventure lovers like windsurfers will get an opportunity in having a good time enjoying on the wild beaches of Atlantic coast as well as can have a great fun with camel trekking in deserts of Morocco.  

Planning your Morocco travel in the month of August and September will offer an enjoyable and comfortable climate. Especially in the month of September, you can witness some fantastic festivals like the world famous Imilchil Marriage Festival (world-famous event, where men and women...

09 Feb 2016

There’ll be some point in our lives when we sit down together somewhere, look at each other and say crazy things like “Do you remember that time when we went on a camel trekking tour in Morocco and enjoyed camping under the stars in the Sahara Desert”?.

Arriving in Merzouga was just like a celebration for me, as I spent around six hours from our destination before making ways towards the Sahara Desert. However, the journey to Morocco was seemed like a lifetime travel and was a rewarding...