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14 Sep 2017
Morocco is been a mainstream destination for families looking for something more interesting and exotic. The colors of Marrakech’s ancient medina, the vast, inhospitable beaches of Atlantic coast, the high-altitude thrills of the Atlas Mountains, or the shifting sands of the Sahara, there is something extraordinary for all ages, from little kids to grandparents. Southern Morocco is the gateway to the Sahara, where you can get pleasure from camping out under the twinkling stars, sand surfing and riding camels. This is ideal for families with slightly older children.

The Camel Trekking activities in Morocco are delivered by experienced team of guides who have your safety as their first priority.  Camels are well...

22 Jun 2017

All of us want a break from the busy schedule we maintain in our day to day life and go on a holiday. Are you dreaming of going on a Morocco desert tour but in a dilemma whether being able to afford it all? Do not worry. You will get a much cheaper holiday trip with a great Morocco travel agency.

The country Morocco is not only about beautiful cosmopolitan cities and markets; there are lots of things to see. If you love adventure then, you won’t realize on a Morocco traveling . You can enjoy the beautiful sceneries of this beautiful country while gliding over it. You can best described Morocco as a country of stunning landscapes and captivating cities.

Sahara morocco

There are personal helicopter flights are available for those who...

20 Dec 2016

Introducing Morocco

Morocco, a spectacular land of unforgiving desert-scapes, towering mountains, swirling river rapids, huge rocky canyons is the perfect paradise for a myriad of action filled adventures. If you’re one of those who want to explore deserts, then you must know that there’s much more in Morocco than that meets the eye. What appears to you as an endless empty landscape holding a huge assortment of natural features and cultural resources.

Planning A Trip In The Sahara

If you’re planning a trip to Morocco, you’ll have a golden opportunity to enjoy the expansive sand stretch in a unique way. You can choose a day trip, trekking, sand boarding or a camel trekking adventure to enjoy the best of...

15 Nov 2016

Morocco Travel – Magnificent Desert Trips with Adventure of Camel Trekking

Morocco is a great destination for tourists seeking adventure and relaxation in North African region. It is surrounded by both the Mediterranean sea and the North Atlantic Ocean which create a spectacular sea view to experience and enjoy. Though it takes a quick jump from Europe to keep foot in this rising African gateway, Morocco travel gives out the best offers to enter and explore the fantastic desert world. With its traditional and Islamic connection as well as deep influence of Spanish and French colonial past, Moroccan culture seems different and special from others in this world. Whether you want to live your dream of desert adventure...

28 Sep 2016

Essaouira is a must visit coastal town in Morocco, where you can happily hang out and wander around exploring the top rated attractions. The Laid-back Essaouira is known for its delicious cuisine, miles of beach, fishing harbor, Medina and Port. This windy city is widely known as an artist’s hub, which has a thriving music and art scene.

 What about the climate of Essaouira?

As a coastal town Essaouira enjoys a mild climate all year round, where daily temperatures tend to settle around 20’sC. In the summer months, the wind pickups, which proves to be the best season for enjoying kite and wind surfing.

Let us discuss about some tips that will help in exploring the small and beautiful Essaouira on your tour to...

23 Aug 2016

Morocco is a stunningly diverse country that is rich in geographic bounty and ancient culture. Every penny spent on your Morocco trip will prove to be worth, as this country has a slot to offer like beautiful scenery, tasty food, hospitable people and stunning architecture. Whether you are an individual traveler or visiting Morocco with family, this North African country will make your trip the most treasured lifetime memories.

Do you want to know what does your Morocco trip will offer? Then please read on to find out some of the best things that you will come across during your trip!

#1- Explore the Great Sahara Desert:

Morocco has a varied and breathtaking landscape, from which The Sahara Desert proves to...

04 Jul 2016

Are you guys planning for a combined Spain and Morocco tour? If yes, then you have landed on the right page. Here in this post, I am going to tell you about some top sightseeing destination in both Spain and Morocco. Both countries are exceptional in terms of their culture, tradition and sightseeing destinations. Let’s first start with Spain:

 The Alhambra and Generalife Gardens, Granada:

It doesn’t matter how much you’ve read or how many images you’ve seen of Granda’s Alhambra palaces, this Moorish delight palace will still leave you mesmerized. The Alhambra complex includes many buildings, walls, towers, gardens, and a mosque, but it is the inexpressibly obscure stone carvings, the fragile filigrees, the...

16 May 2016

A trip to Morocco is a voyage into an ageless, serene world of beautiful coastal villages, colorfully painted towns that hang to hillsides and isolated outposts protected by fairy tale adobe citadels. This charming nation is an amalgamation of the African & Arab worlds, and is immersed in age-old traditions. It is no surprise Morocco has been distinguished by writers and artists for centuries and persists to mesmerize all who visit. If you’re all set ready to spend your upcoming vacation in Morocco, here are my top five favorite destinations to check out this summer


The historic city of Fez has one awe-inspiring and overwhelming attraction, the behemoth medina. Measuring an unbelievable 2.4 square miles,...

25 Apr 2016

Main reason for every traveler and tourist heading to Morocco is only to soak up the sun and have utmost enjoyment in the Sahara Desert. While on a vacation in Morocco, you should also look out for indulging in activities like relaxing scrub at local hammam, skiing, eating kebab and taking a stroll along the blue streets of Chefchaouen. It is found Moroccans are most hospitable, which assures you will meet plenty of friendly folk.

Described below are some tips for making your Morocco tour a most memorable one:


Morocco is known to be shopper’s paradise, where shoppers can find wonderful range of pottery, carpets, killims, leather goods, spices and traditionally designed cloth at the souks of Fes, Marrakech...

12 Apr 2016

Being one of the most exotic destinations in the world, Morocco lies 14 kilometer from south of Spain, which has an extravagant architecture as well as offers markets filled with dazzling tribal crafts works of delicate beauty. Adventure lovers like windsurfers will get an opportunity in having a good time enjoying on the wild beaches of Atlantic coast as well as can have a great fun with camel trekking in deserts of Morocco.  

Planning your Morocco travel in the month of August and September will offer an enjoyable and comfortable climate. Especially in the month of September, you can witness some fantastic festivals like the world famous Imilchil Marriage Festival (world-famous event, where men and women...